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Monday, February 8, 2010


Football, blech.

I see a game, usually played in lousy weather, in which 300 pound testosterone loaded behemoths G-force smack into each other, or create massive pile-ups of arms, legs and helmets, while trying to catch an ersatz pigskin.

There's also a couple of guys who move a lollipop around on the field. And let's not forget the idiots who paint their beer guts to match their favorite team colors.

Now that's a turn on.

Then there's the Super Bowl -- an extravaganza concocted years ago when -- duh! -- some braniac realized that baseball has the World Series, tennis has Wimbledon, hockey has the Stanley Cup and basketball...well, you get the drift.

But why is the Super Bowl the only such event that apparently has to keep its audience awake and interested by sticking some big name act during halftime? This time it was The Who.

Isn't halftime when you are supposed to go to the bathroom and refill your beer? Or is it that football is just one of the stupidest and dullest sports on the planet?

At least it was fun to watch Roger and the boys.

Amen, and pass the mustard.

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