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Thursday, February 4, 2010


AvatarAvatar is an okay movie. Yes, people, just okay.

It has a time worn plot (boy meets blue girl, boy turns blue, blue boy gets blue girl) which is buried in a spectacular display of mind-boggling technological advances and whiz-bang special effects. A pretty movie, that I WILL give you.

But this whole business about comparing it to other films like Dances with Wolves blah blah blah on account of what some perceive are numerous subplots that suggest soul searching depth on the part of the film maker? Please. I may puke.

Avatar comes to you from James Cameron, the same director who years ago postulated that two people were able to muck about the sinkingTitanic in waist deep frigid water with no signs of hypothermia. And yet these yodels, presumably deep in love and thinking of a life together, were unable to negotiate how the two of them could float on a pretty large piece of wood. And so one died. Eeeek. But it won a ton of Oscars, as undoubtedly Avatar will.

Cameron knows exactly what audiences want to see, and he makes money pandering Pandoras and other fantasy worlds. Titanic gave us luxe sets and gorgeous clothing and a window into another era. Pandora takes us flying (in 3D) through lush jungles all in vivid, crayola colors.

But Avatar is just a movie, a movie, nothing but a creative endeavor by a man who has oodles of money and has proved that he can attract wide audiences to watch some pretty sappy stuff. Pandora is not real, and it never will be.

To read that many who have seen it are experiencing depression because they cannot live on Pandora, or that their world seems gloomy and gray in contrast, is a sad commentary on the mindset of the movie going public these days.

At least, it's enough to make me blue.
Amen, and pass the mustard.

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