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Thursday, February 18, 2010


I attended a gathering some years back when the Dalai Lama spoke before hundreds of people. Media types like myself were herded into the first rows, seated under a white tent boasting peaks sharp as the Himalayas.

The gold and crimson robes, sleeveless even on that brisk fall afternoon, the somewhat goofy eyeglasses and what seemed a permanent grin are undoubtedly some of the trademarks that assist in endearing this very, very charismatic individual to just about anyone who sees him.

However, there's an iron within, perhaps in part of his spiritual position, perhaps in part from the years in exile. I was born in Cuba, I get what exile really means, so I'm not in any way demeaning the potential of a meeting between two Nobel Prize winners.

That said, the Dalai Lama also has an exquisite sense of humor. I think he would enjoy this ditty.

Hello, Dalai, this is Ana, Dalai
It's so nice to have you with us in DC
You're looking swell, Dalai, I can tell, Dalai
You're still moving, you're still grooving, you're still staying strong.
I feel the room swaying, when you start praying
that your troubles with China will go away to Barack, Dalai, tell him to get your back, Dalai
And maybe your home Tibet will have its day.

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