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Wednesday, February 8, 2017


Sidewalk of house.
Okay, I'm pissed.
I was doing some errands this afternoon -- it was a gorgeously sunny day, warm for the season. Tomorrow we are expecting a blizzard and getting stuff finished today was a priority.
That said, I was walking towards the bank -- at a normal clip, it was not one of my "healthy" walks in which I wear the appropriate footwear and go at a faster rate.
Needless to say I happened on this clunk of sidewalk -- broken slate that has been that way now for several months.
The rest of the sidewalks in town are pretty much standard cement -- thanks to the cold there are cracks and heaves in them and those of us who like to walk face quite a challenge.
My foot apparently fit beautifully into the crack -- sent me over to the side and fortunately since I was in the moment I managed to catch myself and didn't hit my head.
My knee, however is another story. It took the brunt of the fall and I ended up with a scrape -- and a dull ache among other things.
Broken slate sidewalk.
A nearby merchant saw what happened and suggested I go to her store and call the police.
My instincts in these circumstances are not that mercenary -- but my leg was hurting and the mess on the sidewalk really got to me. The merchant called the Town Hall, where I went a few steps away.
There I spoke with the Town Administrator who asked if I wanted to fill out a police report, which I decided to do. Shortly, an officer arrived and we went back to the scene of the spill and I spilled the information. It's now public record.
That said, I'm making it even more public -- here. And sharing the living daylights out of this. There is simply no reason why the broken bits of slate and all over the sidewalk -- for others to potentially fall, perhaps worse.
Take a look at the photos. At very least those broken pieces should be picked up and taken out of there.
Amen, and pass the small town issues.