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Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Election Night, 2012 -- and change is once again not in the air.
At least, not in Rhode Island.
Presidential politics aside -- and that's a big one given the polls have yet to close and much could happen -- what drives me to blog at this moment is the same old, same old sensation I'm getting about the politics in my own state.
Rhode Island -- with the worst business climate in the US, the second highest unemployment to boot, and fiscal headaches of epic proportions -- with one exception (and that's a big if ) is once again going to re-elect most of the people who have been in assorted offices for several years.
Depending on your viewpoint, at least in my own, this virtually means that those politicos who may be somewhat responsible for the current fiscal mess Rhode Island "enjoys" (including cities hovering on bankruptcy) will be on the front page tomorrow after getting themselves re-elected.
Simple stuff. Someone gets elected and hires his or her "people" to their staff. And those same people every couple of years spend a lot of time and effort (supposedly on the sidelines) pushing their candidate's re-election. Job security, you know, something you have to worry about where there's not many of them to go around.
Meanwhile the faces change very little -- once a stronghold is established, few let go -- and the more time spent hanging on, the harder it is to oust them.
Outside of this group the rest of Rhode Island -- hard working people who don't get days off so they can spend them campaigning and posting photos of themselves on social media -- is sinking under its own bureaucratic weight.
What if Rhode Island voters actually did clean house? That would be incredible -- the stunned looks on the hangers on would be priceless. 
But that's unlikely to happen. 
Amen, and don't pass the mustard, this whole thing has made me lose my appetite.

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