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Sunday, November 18, 2012


I did NOT want another cat.

I had lived with Merlin -- did I say feisty? did I say she has a penchant for bringing me live bats? -- for quite a few years when for some inexplicable reason I went on one of those pet finding sites.

And, well, there was this photo.

Nope, I did NOT want another cat. Certainly didn't think I wanted to cope with introducing a little bitty thing to Merlin, who can be quite a handful. The bats, remember 
the bats
I did NOT want another cat.
Two days later I was on the road to Middleborough where I was going to meet those ears, right about this time of year at a local shelter.

The arrangement was that I would check him out, see whether or not he would be something I wanted to deal with and well, you know, I thought I had nothing to do that afternoon and the ride would be fun.

I went into someone's living room where a bunch of kind folks who foster small kittens bring them in hopes that their little charges will be adopted.

At the time, he weighed all of seven ounces, most of it ears, paws and nose.

I took one look at him and was about to turn away -- when he stood up on his hind paws right in front of me.

Morgan now weighs 16 pounds. Merlin is okay with him. And I thank Middleborough big time.

Amen, and pass the kibble.

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