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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I am trying to sleep now, but I'm having problems doing so because some braniac decided it might be a good time to accomplish some road work right outside my bedroom window.

Here's a picture.

See that giant truck, and that other piece of heavy equipment right in front of it?

Those two things are right now, and I mean right now at 3:20 AM doing some really, really, really loud road work about 100 feet from where I am writing at the moment.

And I am writing because I cannot sleep thanks to the incredible din that these things are causing right outside my window, and yes, they are closed.

What's going on here? A portion of the street in the down town section of my home town needs to be worked on and after months and months and months of buildup, this very very late (or early depending on your perspective) hour of the morning is when some idiot decided would be a really, really good time to do the work.

Here is another photo just in case you are not getting the full scope of the noise factor. 

Do I say now it's 3:36 AM?

And do I say now that I vow to vote out each and every single town representative who had some inkling that this was going to happen come the election in November?

Amen, and pass the ear plugs.

1 comment:

C. Scott said...

Hopefully, this too shall pass Ana. Sorry to hear of your frustrating situation- here's to an evening of uninterrupted slumber! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...