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Friday, August 31, 2012


One of the things that drives me the most insane about living in New England is how easily its residents let go of summer.

It is Labor Day Weekend, and even though it is officially summer for a few weeks, for days a lot of the locals have been yammering about how the summer is over, so over.


This is a very curious thing given that a lot of New Englanders I know are the first people to drag out a pair of shorts on the first day in March when the temperature hits 60 degrees, or sport the flip flops.

Why do you guys want to put an end to a season that makes you completely bonkers when it arrives?

The warmer seasons are short enough around these parts as it is, days filled with sun and blue skies and yeah, admit it, a gin and tonic or two.

So can I ask you that even though the gloom is on the horizon, let's not spoil what we got left? Do all you remember the money we squander trying to heat our homes,  the woolen coats that make us all look like a Beluga whale? Never mind the winter weight we spent all summer jogging off our bellies?

Enjoy the heat we get this weekend, folks, the ice will come soon enough.

Amen, and pass the sunscreen.

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