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Friday, February 12, 2016

Yo, Cat, Gimme The Yogurt

It happened in a series of slow motion moves in the course of a split second. I was preparing a bedtime snack of yogurt and somehow didn't quite grab the container.

Out of the corner of my left eye I saw it leave my hand, hover at eye level then drop from line of sight. The cover fell off and yogurt splatted.

Yes, splatted.

Whoosh -- from the right, a black blob -- in seconds my cat Morgan stuck his head in and began munching away.

The rest were quick moves -- grab the camera snap a few then find an old towel. I threw it over Morgan (still happily munching) and brought him to the bathroom, where I closed the door on him. I was hoping to contain the mess to a room which needed a thorough going over anyway.

Not much later the sound I waited for -- Morgan was batting the empty plastic container around.

Cautiously I opened the door -- that's when I should have had the camera.

He was a vision -- yogurt everywhere on his head, a pleased expression in his eyes.

Again from the right -- a black blob, this time my other cat Luna. She took one look at the yogurt on Morgan's head and went to town trying to lap it off his ears.

I knew when to leave things alone, and shut the bathroom door again. No sense risking that he beat feet somewhere else, like under the bed.

I went to the kitchen and finished cleaning the first disaster area, waiting again until it became apparent that the two were busily playing with the empty container.

Armed with another towel and assorted cleaning agents, I let myself in and gave the room a thorough going over.

Ah, cats.

Amen, and pass the catnip.

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