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Friday, November 14, 2014


I'm writing about barnacles and this is actually a photo of mussels but hey, it's the best I can do. They are both critters that stick onto things and hang on for dear life.
My point -- elections are over and it's time to harvest the human barnacles.
You know what I mean -- those people who work on campaigns so they end up with a political plum job which in some cases require they do very little, never mind show up.
Just like these mussels, the human barnacles hitch themselves up to the candidate-du-jour and hang on for dear life. Presumably, the reward comes at the end when they are appointed to a position within the administration.
But wait -- think before you hitch, I say.
This photo was taken two days ago when I spotted a number of floats that were pulled out of the water for the winter. The shellfish on them went along for the ride -- and are now sitting in the sun and fresh air, nowhere near water.
They will languish there until spring.
Whether or not these creatures make it until then is anyone's guess -- but it's a grim reminder of what can happen to you when you hitch your life, your career and your hopes to a single entity just like the creatures in this picture. 
Isn't it better to make your own way? At least you'll have some control and not be left high and dry.
Amen, and pass the lemon, please.

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