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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cayman I Miss You

A friend of mine sent me this photo early this morning.

It's shot from the water somewhere off Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman, a gorgeous Caribbean island where I lived for some time.

I live in New England now, where the spring months  present you with a couple of warmish days and maybe some sunny skies here and there. Almost, but not quite.

This photograph, whilst gorgeous, represents a bit of torture.

I mean, look at that clear water, look at that sky.  It is like living in a postcard.

While I adore my home state of Rhode Island, soon as I saw this photograph I took a deep breath and held it.

I could feel the warm water on my knees, the hot breeze on my shoulders, my eyes squinting from the turquoise glare off the sea.

Thanks for the reminders of what I fell in love with, my friends. Caymanians often say 'soon come' -- a curious statement about the islands that time forgot but I cannot.

Amen, Cayman, I soon come, and pass the turtle stew.

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