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Friday, February 25, 2011


Drag out the Marchesas and Armanis and Bulgaris, people, it's Oscar time again.

Which means my friend Mary and I will be spending the upcoming hours huddled in a movie theater, cramming in the last of whichever Oscar hopefuls we have to watch before the big event this Sunday.

The Oscar Run returns. 

My flick picks are not set in stone yet, though I will admit there have been a few twists and turns along the way this year.

For starters when I saw Inception early in the year I thought the film was something else, and now watching the trailer bores the daylights out of me.

Further, Black Swan had me enthralled until I saw Winter's Bone and realized just how marvelous a movie can be when it has a good story line, is photographed simply and draws you in without the need for razor editing or loud, booming soundtracks. 

Never mind I fell in love with Annette Benning's subtle performance in The Kids Are All Right.

The Cohens should have left True Grit alone. I saw the first one eons ago and I didn't think it was that great overall, and knew that John Wayne got the Oscar because it was just damn time to give it to him. 

I don't believe that Jeff Bridges is in that league just yet.

The Social Network, a.k.a. the movie about the Facebook geeks, will win because it's a movie about geeks, cleverly edited with terrific dialogue. It has helped me understand a boatload of guys I know who run around wearing flip flops and hoodies attempting to emulate those aforementioned geeks. (Prior to that I just thought these dudes were really poor dressers. Sorry, but I still think nothing beats a guy in a tuxedo, except maybe Richard Gere in Armani.)

Amen, and pass the popcorn and Good and Plenty.

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