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Saturday, February 4, 2017


Okay, so I just shot myself in the foot.
I don't understand football or the national passion for the game.
But on the eve of the Super Bowl (you know the BIG ONE), I'm gonna say "Go Pats!" and really act as if I'm thrilled about Tom Brady and the rest of them.
Millions of people will be glued to their TV sets on Sunday watching the event, in hopes that whatever team they support will get the grand prize.
In New England, Patriots fans will be atwitter because it will be some kind of epic record if they won.
What I see is a bunch of huge men wearing techno-plastic running around after a faux-pigskin, leaping on it, tossing it, hugging it, throwing it.
The players go this way, they go that way, they go back where they came.
Sometimes they leap in the air.
And in the middle of the field somewhere is a guy with a lollipop. Not sure what that is.
So here it is again -- I don't get football. Sue me, I like hockey and basketball -- those games make sense.
That said, Go Pats! Go Pats! Go Pats!
And if you get the big honor, go Tom Brady. (Though I would rather meet Robert Gordon Orr any day.)
Amen, and pass the popcorn.

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