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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Attention Snow Bunnies: Snow is A Four Letter Word

This is for all you Snow Bunnies that for the last few weeks have been chirping about how happy you are about the white stuff that has been continuously falling on us this past winter.

PHOOEY. Snow is a four letter word.

Your platitudes that snow is pretty, charming, and that walking in a winter wonderland is fabulous are officially old hat.

Those of you who romanticize the stuff take a clear look at this picture.

See the grey area? That's a combination of dirt and car exhaust, the end result of the massive pileup that won't go away.

Doesn't look much like a holiday card now, does it?

And in case you haven't looked close enough, underneath all of that is a sidewalk. Some of them get shoveled, some don't, so taking a single step just outside of your front door becomes a major hassle.

So, people, winter is about gone. And along with it all of this miserably cold, icy and endless gunk that has cluttered up our lives for the past month or so.

Soon, the heat arrives. You've had your day, Snow Bunnies, now it's our turn.

Amen, and pass the sunscreen.

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