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Saturday, February 7, 2015


Yeah, winter. Yeah, you all know I loathe it. All of it, the snow, the slush, the glop. I made an attempt at cross country skiing some years back and it made the whole thing quasi-tolerable.

But at this juncture, enough. I'm tired of shoveling, sliding and scraping off windshields.

I've especially had it with FLAKES.  And I just don't mean snow.

View from inside my car. By Ana Cabrera 

Some people turn into FLAKES during wintry weather, most notably some SUV drivers who tear up the roads under some mistaken notion that their vehicle can "handle it." Well, surprise, Mr or Ms SUV Driver/Flake, you are fishtailing up the road. You mean to tell me you can't feel that?

I'm always amused at the number of bangs and dings that most of these SUVs have on their front and rear ends. Watching their attempts at parallel parking is horrifying and amusing at the same time.

Dude or Dudette, the evidence is right on your car. Doubly true if you wear a hat, and we all know what types of hats I'm talking about. If I have to explain it to you, you probably wear one.

Learn to drive/park or get off the road. Don't get on the highway unless you know what you are doing, and for crying out loud when there are blizzard conditions get used to the notion that you have to drive more slowly because your car just might not stop in time.

So have I made myself clear, or are you still going to act like a FLAKE next time the flakes are out?

Amen, and pass me a one way ticket to the tropics, please

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