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Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Just wrapped up trying to watch the latest Rhode Island US District 1 Congressional debate on the tube. At odds: Democratic incumbent David Ciccilline and his Republican opponent, former State Police head Brendan Doherty.

I'm trying to be good here, I really am. But having worked in both the political and television arenas in past lives, I can't get past the image that first popped into my head when I turned on the debate.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in the film, Twins. 

The plot centered around two characters, vastly different from each other physically and in other ways, who discover they are brothers separated at birth. And so, they begin to dress alike.

Anyone who has ever organized a televised debate knows how many tedious details are discussed ad nauseam prior to the event. The backdrop, the podiums, you name it.

It's not unthinkable to imagine that both camps might opt to cooperate in terms of what each candidate might wear; witness presidential debates in which either wore a red or blue tie depending on party affiliation.  

But not in Rhode Island, not tonight. From what I could tell on my own television, both men wore brownish suits with reddish ties and somewhat off-white shirts.

Viewers were supposed to see the huge differences between Ciccilline and Doherty, but the visual spectacle presented was that of two guys cut of very same cloth.

Amen, and someone call Rachel Zoe.

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