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Tuesday, January 4, 2011


It appears that Lieutenant Governor Elizabeth Roberts believes that I'm fat. Ditto for the wellness group Shape Up RI, which just sent me an email insinuating that.

Now I know it's the time of year in which we all make resolutions, some good, some bad, some we keep, some we don't keep. A whole bunch of us have resolved that there be a little less of ourselves as soon as possible.

And I understand the basic premise of the mailing I received. We should all do whatever we can in order to get in better physical shape, to get as healthy as we possibly can. However, methinks the wording of the subject header -- Elizabeth Roberts Thinks You Belong In Shape Up RI -- was a little unwise. 

ME? Just me? I "belong in Shape Up RI?" 
I know I'm carrying around a little more weight than I was a few months back, and actually have embarked on a program to turn that around.

But I don't think I'm large enough to justify putting the word Goodyear or Goodrich on any part of myself. Also, I am hardly high enough up on the food chain (pardon the pun!) to have the Lt. Governor of my home state send me an email regarding what she thinks I should or should not do with respect to my physical plant.

I understand she's interested in health issues, and I understand the premise behind Shape Up RI. It's a successful venue that has helped many folks feel better in a whole bunch of ways. 

That said, methinks someone should have thought twice with respect to that subject header -- maybe "Join Elizabeth Roberts as we Shape Up RI?" Just a suggestion.

Amen, and, well, maybe this time I shouldn't ask you to pass the mustard.

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