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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Step right up and eat your McPlastic meals, kiddies!
Sally Davies, an artist in New York City, hung onto a McDonald's Happy Meal for six months and to her surprise, not much about it changed.
Calling it the McDonald's Happy Meal Project, photographer Davies chronicled the life and times of the hapless burger and fries by posting her shots on Flicker. I just looked at them and grossed myself right out.
Although I'm not a complete vegetarian, I don't eat much meat. Last time I had prime rib was at the wedding of two friends of mine, George and Molly -- folks who I believe are now grandparents. Yep, that long ago. And I will admit that on occasion I've downed some fast food, including from McD's and Burger King, though I can't say that any of these "meals" brought much gustatory enjoyment as opposed to tiding me over until I could get real food.
But after reading about Ms. Davies' experiment, nothing, nothing on this earth will ever get me to eat anything at one of these establishments again. 
Six months and it still looks basically the same as it did at the onset? 
Amen, and .... well, maybe this time don't pass the mustard.

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